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Grammar debugging

Compilation log

The Hime Parser Generator outputs a log as an MHTML file for the grammar compilation process (-l option in the command line). This log will report grammar conflicts that are still unresolved. The log gives useful information regarding the conflicts, helping you solve them.


As shown in the picture above, for each conflict the log will report:
  • The state where the conflict is occuring, so that you can look it up in the generated grammar documentation (-d option in the command line)
  • The conflictuous lookahead
  • The list of conflictuous items
  • Examples of input which are ambiguous according to this conflict

Grammar documentation

The Hime Parser Generator outputs a documentation as HTML files for the grammar that is being compiler (use the -d option in the command line). This documentation contains:
  • The complete set of "flat" grammar rules with syntax highlighting.
  • The generated LR graph in the form of a network of hyperlinked web pages containing for each state a detailed description of the state's items.

The picture hereafter shows an example of what is obtained with the grammar of the ANSI C language:


Hereafter is shown an example of a generated web page for a given state in the LR graph:
As can be seen in the picture, each item of the state is detailed with:
  • The action (SHIFT or REDUCE) for the item. An hyperlink to the next state is given in the case of SHIFT actions.
  • The grammar rule with the dot position.
  • The lookaheads (collapsed in this capture).
  • The conflictuous lookaheads if any. If the item is confluctous it is colored in red.
  • The states from which this item comes from (collapsed in this picture). This is useful to quickly traverse the automaton and see from where a conflict comes from.

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